TCM Ultimate Fan Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Official Rules of the TCM Ultimate Fan Contest?

The Official Rules can be found by clicking here.

2. What are the judging criteria for the TCM Ultimate Fan Contest?

Submissions will be judged 50% on originality and creativity of substance of the introduction and 50% on the presentation skills of the presenter. Please click here to see the Official Rules.

3. What are the specifications for my video?

Video uploads should be .mp4 or .webm formats with a max size of 25MB.

4. What do I do if I'm having trouble uploading my video?

Make sure you're uploading your video from a desktop computer that has the latest version of Flash and meets the specifications above. If you want to submit a video from a mobile device, or without Flash, you can upload it to YouTube instead. Just submit your video's YouTube url.

5. Can I have a partner do the introduction with me?

Each submission should feature only one person. Please click here to see the Official Rules.

6. Can I use clips, stills and/or music from the movie I am introducing?

Submissions should not include any still images, clips, music or other copyrighted or trademarked content. Please click here to see the Official Rules.

7. If I have already purchased a Festival pass and I win the TCM Ultimate Fan Contest, will I be refunded for my pass purchase?

If the Grand Prize winner has purchased Festival passes to the 2014 TCM Classic Film prior to the winner being announced, they will be awarded a full refund on their pass purchase. In the meantime, due to the limited number of passes issued, we encourage those participants who plan to attend the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival to purchase passes as soon as they are available.

8. If I've read the Official Rules and FAQs and still have a question, who should I contact?

Please contact us at